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National MX News : AMU Continental Chamionship
09.06.2009 Full Throttle AMU MX-Championship of African Nations

ERINDI Ranch Zambia Team

The WMCC (Windhoek Moto Cross Club) is eager to prove to the AMU (African Motorcycle Union) as well as the FIM (Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme) that they are prepared for higher tasks, for the MX3 Worldchampionship for example. Therefore this “Full Throttle AMU”, as it is called in short, will be treated as a test-event.
Dale Holliday
Dale Holliday
Despite money-constraints, the WMCC managed to get only first class support around this event, like the commentators will be the renowned, Twin-Peeks father & son team from South Africa. The sanitary system in the pits will be the best ever, with airconditioning and classical music playing, the prize giving will take place under the massive beduin-tent supplied and sponsored by I-Dream-Africa. Besides the local TV-Stations from NBC and One-Africa, there will be the DSTV-team from South Africa’s motoring channel “Two Wheels”, covering this event with 5 cameras. Only the level best is good enough for this major event.
Today we want to introduce the ERINDI Ranch ZAMBIA Team. Sponsor ERINDI Ranch is teeming with wildlife and hundreds of eland, oryx, kudu and zebra roam the vast space of over 65 000 hectares.The presence of some 300 giraffe - the largest population outside the Etosha National Park - is an indicator that animals thrive in this private game park, which lies only 200 kilometres north of Windhoek.
Andre Frangeskides & Warren Lionnet
Andre Frangeskides & Warren Lionnet
Every year Zambia sends a strong motocross team to the annual AMU’s, there is no difference in 2009. Twentyone riders have signed of which there will be quite a big contingent racing in the Kindergarten-Klasses MX 50 and MX 65. In the MX Lites Class there will be Zambias Number One Philip Ian Chalcraft.
Jarred Coetzee
In the MX 2 Class Dustin Fussell has signed but did not inform us about past achievements, however we know that he is a stalwart racer and competed successfully mainly in Zimbabawe. He will be accompanied by Pieter Verster, current No. 4 in the Zambian Championship, Warren Lionnet, Constantinos Frangeskides and brothers Anthony and Andrew will be racing, who is currently ranked 2nd in Zambia. Zambia’s poster-boy however is Dale Holliday who has been MX2 and Veterans Champion for the past 5 years, who finished 2nd in the 2000 AMU in the MX 1 Class and 5th at the 2002 AMU in Kenya in the MX 2 Class. Dale also participated very successfully in previous years in the annual Inter-Series in Namibia.
Graham Neil Lionnet who finished 2nd in the AMU in Kenya in 2007 is competing in the MX 1 class, together with countryman Daniel Buys, Jarred Cotzee currently ranked 2nd as well as Nicholas Comana who is currently ranked 4th in the Zambian MX 1 Class category. The Zambians will do their utmost best to finish on the podium in the nations-ranking.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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