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National MX News : AMU Continental Chamionship
15.06.2009 Full Throttle AMU MX-Championship of African Nations

I Dream Africa Team Namibia

We kept the best for last and present the Namibian team. Sponsoring this team of 18 is the company I Dream Africa, a group of companies specialising in safaris and tours, events, catering, transport, mobile sanitation and manufacturing. With this diversification of services, 170 employees are involved in South Africa and Namibia. So I Dream Africa is the major sponsor of the “Full Throttle AMU” and they provide a part of their services. A Bedouin-tent will be erected on the club-owned premises of the WMCC in Olympia, with a capacity for 330 guests, Furthermore a boma will be put up with campfires and torches. I Dream Africa will handle the catering and the massive bar, als well as the mobile sanitation which are one of a kind on the African continent.
The I Dream Africa Team starts with 3 riders in the Safari Den MX65 Class. Part of the team is ex-champion Michael Barlow, who successfully took part at the AMU in 2007 in Kenya, achieving a good overall 6th place. Matthew Nederlof won the 59cc Class two times and landed on 2nd place in the 65cc Class in 2008. Presently he leads this class. Jay-Em Tredoux was overall 2nd in the 50cc Class in 2008, for him it’s the first participation at the AMU.
In the Bike & Quad Clinic MX85 Class one of the favourites is Tristan Muller from Okahandja. Tristan was 50cc champion in 2002, 65cc champion in 2008 and he won the AMU Southern Challenge championship in 2008 in the MX85 Class. We will see this guy up front. Pauli Loots’ performance fluctuates most of the time; if he is in a good mood he can even win the African championship. He has got the talent! Pauli was overall 3rd in 2005 in the 65cc Class, followed by a 2nd place in 2006, and presently he ranks 2nd in the 85cc Class.
Namibia’s poster child in the Electrolight MX Lites Class (up to 150cc four-stroke engines) is Mark Sternagel. Mark is a real achiever, he won the 65cc championship in 2006, was 85cc champion in 2007 and 2008, and came overall 3rd in the AMU 85cc Class in Kenya in 2007.
Joshua Teixeira
Joshua Teixeira
Due to a lack of a federation in Angola, Joshua Teixeira was appointed to the Namibian team. He won a 4th place in the 50cc Class, as well as an overall 3rd place in the 65cc Class in 2008. For a long time hopes were high for Eric Garbers but heavy crashes always threw him back. Now he wants to show what’s in him! He was 50cc champion in 2004 and 65cc champion in 2007, now he wants to become AMU-Champion on home soil.
In the Trip-Travel MX2 Class the WMCC emploited its contingent of 5 riders fully and therefore has an excellent chance at winning the national rating in this category. At the moment Björn Bierbrauer is the number one in Namibia, also having successfully competed in Germany for Team Suzuki Europe, for Bodo Schmidt, and for the Kölling Yamaha Team.
Frank Klosta
Frank Klosta
Frank Klosta has a glorious past to look back upon: Namibian champion in the 125cc Class in 2005, 2006 and 2007. In 2008 he had to pause for 10 months due to a bad injury. Now in 2009 he found back to the sport and ranks 2nd presently. Alexander Howard won the championship title in the 85cc Class and was vice-champion in the 125cc Class. He too paused for 6 months due to a broken hip joint. He is fit again and riding up front, in 3rd place at the moment. Henry O’Kennedy was 3rd in 2007 in the 125cc Class and in 2008 he won the championship. He can be relied on in the I Dream Africa-Team. Ruhan Gous participates for the first time at the AMU-championships and is understandably nervous. He won 5th place in the 125cc Class in 2008 and is presently on same position in the points-log.
Jaco Loots
Jaco Loots
The Novel Motor Company MX1 Class, also rides with a full contingent of riders and a podium spot in the nations-rating is doable without a doubt. Jaco Loots is the highflyer this season. He climbed from the 85cc youth Class directly to the MX1 Class and in 2009 had results others could only dream of. Jaco was vice-champion in the 85cc Class in 2007, AMU vice-champion in Kenya in 2007, as well as runner-up-champion in the 125cc Class in 2008. Ronnie Adams is Namibia’s old “war-horse”, having been Nam-Champion at a time when his team colleagues were not even born yet. In 1986 he won the first title in the 85cc Class, in 1995 and 1997 he was the 125cc champion and in 2006 he won the title in the Open-Class category. During the world championship race “Grand Prix of South Africa” in Sun City Ronnie finished in an excellent 23rd place in the MX1 Class. Also part of the team is Rudi Brand from Swakopmund. Rudi is old school as well. He was 125cc champion in 2000 and now ranks 3rd in the ongoing MX1-chamionship. Tommi Gous, the reigning champion in the Open-Class (now MX1 Class) also won the King of the Dirt championship in 2008.
Ronnie Adams
Ronnie Adams
The Namibian team gets strengthened by Angolan Jose Teixeira, who was Masters-Champion in the years 2004 and 2005, Clubmen’s champion in 2006, and overall 4th in the Open-Class in 2007. The above-mentioned riders represent Namibia in the nations rating and they will be joined by the “individuals”, for example Roual Spangenberg from Grootfontein, who dominated MX sport in the 1990’s, then migrated to the United Kingdom where he made a name for himself in the circles of the European Supermoto sport. Now Spangenberg is back in Namibia and we can expect MX activities in the north in future. He will be joined by another individualist, namely Tony Viljoen. Tony’s personal highlight was an overall 3rd place in the Open-Class in 2008.
Tommi Gous
Tommi Gous
At this point a heartfelt Thank You goes to the co-sponsors Rent-A-Drum, to Premier Signs Africa who sponsored the beautiful trophies, as well as to the Nestlé company who supply the whole Namibian team with carbohydrates during this event.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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